Air Freight

Full-service Air freight export & import. offer a complete coverage of the freight process at a competitive rate.

Ocean Freight

Full-service Ocean freight export & import. offer a complete coverage of the freight process at a competitive rate.

Transport & Inland Freight

Our inland transportation services cover all the destinations through our
well-established network of operations.

Warehousing & Specialty Handling

We provide our customers with storage in general, or bonded warehouses, which offer temperature control, security, container-handling facilities Our network of warehouses are located in many ports, industrial hub and near state and national highways. Their strategic location optimizes time management and ensure smooth transportation of shipments.


We have high quality infrastructure and facilities
that match customer
requirements and aspects of safety, portability and adherence to the standard norms and procedures. Our services
Packaging and re-packaging.

Machinery and heavy equipments packaging Food products and other perishable products Industrial raw materials
Electrical and Electronics equipments and machinery.

Project logistics

We have high quality to do out-of-gauge, break-bulk, RoRo .

Transportation of goods via road, rail, sea or air.

  • Planning and coordination of packing and transportation 

  • Ensuring effective storage and its supervision 

  • Turnkey services

  • Warehouse selection and plant supervision

  • Effective loading and discharge operations

  • Customs clearing

  • Ensuring cargo insurance

Customs clearance & Custom Handling

Our team has all the experience necessary to make your customs clearance processes simple and streamlined Trade Sourcing.

Smart Vision Cargo also provides broker services for domestic and international companies transporting products to new markets.

We offer cost effective and customer-based solutions to match your import and export needs.

Handling all exhibits service in worldwide

We offer a full range of exhibition logistics and associated exhibition transport services, for both.

domestic and international events Our team is prepared to support you by:

  • Arranging shipment of goods according to any worldwide event according to time constraints

  • Managing domestic and international transport

  • Customs and on-site handling requirements 

  • Monitor all shipments through their journey

Door to Door

Advantages of going for Door-to-Door services with us:

  • Cargo Pickup right at your warehouse/distribution point 

  • Packing & Labeling services 

  • Multi Modal Transport Services 

  • Customs Clearance

  • Track & Trace

  • Safe and timely delivery